NEW! - 15-inch Luxurious Map Backgammon Set - White Board - B01DPPX4KE

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  • Fun to play. Good for indoors and outdoors.

  • Folding attache style. Easy to carry, easy to store.

  • 1 x 1/4 checkers, 1 doubling cube, 1/2 dice and matching dice cups.

  • Comes with top quality accessories

  • Are you looking for something unique and out of the ordinary? Take a moment to explore this magnificent backgammon set from Middleton Games. With a long history of manufacturing quality board games, you will appreciate the exquisite materials and fine craftsmanship that have gone into this product. The rugged and sturdy luggage style handle is a noticeable upgrade compared to other backgammon sets. The playing surface is an exceptionally plush faux-suede (you'll stroke it over and over again!) and checkers glide smoothly from point to point. Speaking of checkers, you'll appreciate the large 1 x 1/4 checkers that come with this backgammon board. In addition to being hefty, you'll also appreciate how well they fit on the playing surface when you have 6 checkers side by side with almost no gap between them. The side pockets provide a snug fit when packing up the game, making opening and closing the case a breeze. Quality materials and quality craftsmanship rolled into one very stylish backgammon board.

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    NEW! - 15-inch Luxurious Map Backgammon Set - White Board - B01DPPX4KE

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